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Organizer Cover Punching Machine

Specially designed,adustable diary cover punching apparatus  with changeable blades.

Machine is able able to make a punch/hole at the same on right and left sides of the diaries at the same time.

It will work on both 110 and 240.

The cover- left side is stationary (fixed/steady, right side active/moving).

Right side can be opened up to A4 size and it will be locking when it reaches the cover size that you want.

Comes with foot pedal.



Electricity is 110V / 240V

Power: 300W

Machine’s compression/pressure is 6 Bar = 0.4 Psi.

The maximum distance between the staple heads is 33.02 cm. It can pierce diaries up to 4 mm thick

The machine is 71 cm (28 inches) long, 51 cm (20 inches) wide, 25 cm (9,85 inches) thick.

It has pneumatic oil box area.

The machine comes with knives in different sizes.

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