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Post-Printing Machines

Providing time, cost saving, less wastage and faster production opportunity to the companies operating in the printing industry thanks to the post-printing machines it produces in its own manufacturing facility, Yağmur Otomasyon can design and produce a machine that you have not designed and will accelerate your business for when you need it.

  Metin Gökçeoğlu


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The installation of our machines is carried out on site with our expert team. Our transport team performs safety measures by us.

We know very well that a non-functioning machine is a loss of business, so we take care to respond to your service and support requests as quickly as possible.

All the machines we produce are under 10 Year Spare Parts and 5 Year Software, Hardware and Maintenance Guarantee.


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The secret of our success is our product quality and after-sales service.


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138 units of Yağmur Otomasyon machines working in printing houses in Turkey and abroad.

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